Grand Theft Auto V was released today!.. ...except it was also released about one and a half years ago. Why the delay? I can only think of two reasons.

  1. Developing the game ended up taking much more time than expected at first. Meanwhile, to satisfy at least some customers, Rockstar released an early version, good enough for previous-gen consoles.

  2. Microsoft and Sony are realizing that console gaming is slowly but inevitably going to die, and made a deal with Rockstar to keep GTA V console-exclusive for a while. I fear this is the most likely reason.

  3. Re-releasing the game generates extra hype, thus extra publicity, thus extra advertisement, thus more customers and more money. I think this is likely to be an extra reason for Rockstar to agree with the exclusivity deal.

Either way, it all comes down to money. I doubt the big game companies even care about their customers anymore. Even Nintendo and Valve are starting to head this way. It's a shame to see such great developers get corrupted by greed.

I buy games when I want to support the people behind it. These days, this means Nintendo, Valve, and many indie developers like Mojang (before the takeover) and Terry Cavanagh. Especially indie developers still make games because they like doing so, and don't just purely do it for money. Those people get my support. EA doesn't.

Rockstar used to make awesome games, just like EA and Ubisoft. Games were made for PC. 60fps wasn't special. It wasn't even a standard. It's just the most common refresh rate of monitors. Hard-locking framerate is just dumb.

Anyway, I won't be buying GTA V, even though I like the series. Rockstar just isn't getting my support. I'll just wait a few days longer to download it for free. I don't think I'll like multiplayer that much, anyway. I'll just watch Vinny's videos for that.