Hi! I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. I just got Eclim working nicely for Android development, so I thought this would be a good time for a first post. If you don't want to read about my past, scroll down to the bottom to read what this blog will be for.

About me

On the internet, I go by the name of Darkwater. If you look at my Github page, you will see my real name which is Sam Lakerveld, but I'd prefer it if you'd just call me Darkwater.

I'm an 18 year old hacker. I smash keys all day long to change the lights I'm looking at all day long until I decide I should lie down for a bit, after which I continue to smash keys to change the lights I'm looking at. Rinse and repeat.

The lights I mentioned represent text and images. Usually the text is monospaced. Sometimes the text represents a piece of programming code. Sometimes it represents a shell session. Sometimes it's text that is generated by other people who could be at the other side of the world, pushing keys representing letters which show up on my screen in the form of an IRC message.

In the case of images it's probably pictures transferred through HTTP, anime or a video game. I don't use GUIs when there's a proper TUI alternative. Look, this is my screen right now:

Terminals as far as the eye can see

I'm a programmer

When I was 9 years old I started messing around with HTML. Frontpage 2003 was cool back then. Google Chrome didn't even exist! I also used to draw websites in Photoshop CS2 which I then exported to ImageReady to create slices and export to HTML. ImageReady was a program bundled with Photoshop until CS3, when Adobe acquired Macromedia. This added Fireworks to the CS which rendered ImageReady obsolete. Or at least this was what many people thought. It also seems like the most obvious reason. According to Wikipedia, Adobe said they were simply going to migrate ImageReady's features into Photoshop.

When Adobe CS3 came out, I was wondering what all the programs were for. (This is 2007, I'm 11.) Of course, Photoshop was still in there. There were some tools for video editing. Also Soundbooth, which was apparently a sound editing program. Pure black magic to me. There was also this WYSIWYGweb development program called Dreamweaver. Frontpage being discontinued, I needed a new tool anyway. I don't think I used Notepad++ yet.

Spry widgets

Dreamweaver was pretty cool. It had these Spry widgets like dropdown menus, tabbed navigation stuff, etc. I tried to abuse these as much as possible. I think this is what got me into Javascript. I still mostly used the code view though. Since I started using HTML I always understood the concept of tags and attributes, and I knew the basic tags such as html/head/body, title, b/i/u, a, br, etc. I didn't like p back then.

With Adobe CS3 also came Flash. This was pretty cool then. HTML5 wasn't really a thing back then, so this was like the best way to get games on websites. I made my first game, Block Runner at age 12. It's a platformer made with Actionscript 2. AS3 came with CS3 but it looked too difficult so I started with 2. I learned AS3 a year or so later. I've messed a lot with Flash, but this game is the only thing that's really worth mentioning. Anyway, I lost interest around CS5 or so. I think that's also when HTML5 came around.

I don't know what pulled me away from Dreamweaver (I don't think I hated it back then.) but after a while I found myself using Notepad++. Did my first real job for € 500 worth of computer parts. Add € 250 and you've got the PC I'm still using right now. Anyway, the job involved adding a very basic CMS to an otherwise static website. (which desperately needed to be remade. 4 years or so later it's running Wordpress which is actually a big step forwards despite it not being a blog.)

I think it was 2012 (15 years old) when I really switched to Sublime Text. It was like Notepad++ but not as bad. It actually had a nice interface, and was reasonably keyboard-oriented with the command palette and everything. Around this time I was really experimenting with everything I could possibly think of. My projects folder was big. My Dropbox folder was huge. (Like, really huge. (Really.)) My versioning control system resulted in folders called Something - Copy, Something - Copy - Copy, Something - Copy - Copy - Copy, Something - Copy (2), etc.

It was also around that time when I played Garry's Mod. I currently have 1466 hours clocked on Gmod. Why? It had Lua scripting. Most of my time involved running Gmod in the background while I was messing around with Lua, occasionally switching to Gmod to test, then back to my editor. When I wasn't doing Lua, I was doing some in-game Expression 2 scripting (from an addon called Wiremod which is really cool.)

I'm going to talk more about games later, but I wanted to tell this now because of this: I once joined the official Wiremod server to get some help with E2 scripting. Some guy called Burger helped me. I think something was broken back then so he added me on Steam to help me later. I don't remember the specifics, but it comes down to the fact that we became friends. A bit after I switched to Sublime Text (I was still using Notepad++ when I started Glua scripting), I started hosting a website on my home PC. I think it was an attempt at a forum of some sorts. Maybe just a website to list my current/past projects. I don't really remember. Anyway, somehow I ended up in a conversation with Burger and a friend of his, Interoth, who owned a starting web hosting company or something. I don't think it ever got anywhere, which is a shame. Anyway, they ended up giving me novaember.com and free webhosting! This really motivated me to experiment a lot with web-related stuff. If either of you are reading this, again, thanks a lot! I really appreciate it.

In early 2013 I took interest in Linux. Got a dualboot going on my laptop between Windows and Ubuntu. Got Kubuntu on my desktop a while later. Bought a Raspberry Pi which is now serving as a music player in my room. Put Crunchbang on my laptop a while later. Not long after that I also put it on my desktop. My laptop no longer has a dualboot, it now only runs Linux. I still kept Windows on my desktop for some games.

Since I started using Crunchbang, I wanted to do as much in a terminal as possible, so I started learning vim. In the beginning I only used it to edit config files and the like. After a couple of months I started programming in vim too. Now, I no longer have Sublime installed and use vim for everything, all the time.

After Crunchbang I switched to Manjaro. I kept the configs from Crunchbang, so it looked the same, but I no longer had to deal with apt/dpkg. Thank god. It was also around this time that I bought a VPS from Ramnode, thanked Burger and Interoth for the domain name and webhosting, transferred the domain name to myself, moved the files from the previous webhosting to my VPS, and stopped being a freeloader.

Right now I have two ongoing projects. An IRC client called nvirc which I will talk about in another blog post, and learning C++ and OpenGL to make 3D applications and/or games, which I will also talk about in another blog post. Maybe.

I am now 18 years old.
My main operating system is Arch Linux which runs on both my desktop and my laptop.
My desktop also runs Windows 8.0 which I use for games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
I have about one and a half years of experience with Linux.
I have not had the need to reinstall Arch yet.
My main text editor is vim.
I also know how to use vi and ed on a basic level. (Yes, I actually use ed sometimes.)
I have a Raspberry Pi in my room connected to an amp with a set of speakers to play music indepentently from my PC.
The Pi runs MPD (Music Player Daemon), which I control using ncmpcpp (ncurses media player client plus plus (ncmpc remake in cpp)) from my desktop and MPDroid from my Android phone.
I also own a first generation iPad which I never use because it's shit.
I'm always online on IRC, mainly on Freenode as Darkwater.
I've also got a Steam account with currently 140 games which I'll talk about in a bit.
I'm not deleting my Twitter account just yet because sometimes I see something useful in my timelines.
I've used Skype in the past but ditched it in favour of IRC and Mumble.
Speaking of Mumble, I'm hosting a server at mumble.novaember.com which you can use for whatever you want as long as I don't mind.
I don't use Facebook.
I use Chromium to browse the interwebs.
I can read nearly every C-like programming language, write in about 15 languages including Less, PHP, SQL, Java, C++, bash, vimscript, Python, and am fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Lua and fish.
I have two screens.
I'm currently typing on a (mechanical) CoolerMaster Storm Quickfire TK Stealth with brown switches.
I own a Philips SHP2000 which I have owned for as long as I can remember, it still works fine, and the quality is still great.
I have two cats.
Now let's talk about games.

I play games

I won't talk much about my gaming history since I think it's really not interesting.

Currently my favorite game is Team Fortress 2, which I have now played for 1818 hours. No idling. I've spent most of my time playing Soldier, racking up 13789 kills on my Strange Black Box. Lately I've been playing more as Demoknight and Pyro. I rarely play Engineer. If I do, I'm really offensive. (no minisentries though!) I almost never play spy (properly) because I simply lack the patience. I've played competitive 6v6 for a while, but stopped because I didn't have the dedication to get better. I'll still play if anyone asks me though. I think I'm in division 5.

I'm also starting to get back into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Have won 14 competitive matches so far and am currently in Silver IV (I haven't played for years! Don't hate me! :< ) I like the P90 and hate the TEC-9.

I'm a level 20 High Elf in my current playthrough of Skyrim. I like to focus solely on magic.

My record is 86:32 on the latest stage of Super Hexagon. I achieved this by having no life at all.

I'm close to 300 playthroughs of Pixel Dungeon. My best run ended at floor 24 because I wasn't careful enough. I hate monks.

I'm ok at speedrunning Super Mario World. My personal best is little under 20 minutes using an emulator and around 30 minutes on a SNES. I'm thinking about getting a SNES myself so I can actually practice on one. I've only played on an actual SNES twice. The first time it took me about an hour because I was determined to get the orb glitch.

Other notable games I've played: - VVVVVV - Rogue Legacy - Hotline Miami - Terraria - Starbound - Minecraft - Natural Selection 2 - Sourceforts - Fortress Forever - Antichamber - FEZ - every game released by Valve - every game in the Command and Conquer series.

I watch anime

Deal with it. I like anime. One of the reasons is that anime can have as much fantasy as you like. You don't have to deal with actors and special effects because everything is drawn, anyway. Here's a list with anime I've watched, loved, and would recommend to anyone else:

About this blog

So that's basically all you might have to know about me. Future blog posts will be about things I make, games I play, things I have to say, and maybe I'll talk about anime from time to time. I'm probably going to add a comments section soon for questions or, hey, comments.