Yesterday I finished Hotline Miami 2. I'm not sure what to think of it. It took me 8 hours to complete the game. It was fun for the most part, but there are a few things that are just very frustrating.


It's pretty god damn difficult. You make one tiny mistake and you're done for. Tiny mistakes include nearly mising an enemy, not spottng an enemy behind a window on the other side of the map, grabbing the wrong weapon in fast-paced CQC, and startling a boss guy when there are no (loaded) weapons nearby. Some levels, especially the later ones, probably took me about a hundred tries. I think the last five or six scenes took me three hours.


The whole analog TV theme was pretty cool. The entire feel was cool. Hotline Miami brings me in a certain mood. The calm feel of the menus and cutscenes contrast well with the fast-paced gameplay experience, which I like. I think this is one of Hotline's best aspects.


The fuck was that about?

Really though, I didn't really follow the story, even though I fully watched all the cutscenes. These was this army person who was part of some elite unit, there was a cop guy who acted pretty badass, some gang member who didn't really want to be a part of that gang, some innocent guy who got threatened, and probably a couple of others. I barely followed their individual storylines, let alone understand how it all fit together, if that was even supposed to be the case. Anyway, I didn't care and just played the game. By the way, the last level was cool, though I would've hoped for some intense boss fight similar to that guy with his pink panthers from the first game. Oh, well...


What masks? There were barely any. Each guy had his own set of "masks", and often you couldn't even pick anything at all. As army guy you could pick your weapon, limited ammo, have to use ammo boxes which give little ammo, and your only other method of slaughter is a knife. As gang member person you could pick between a pair of (badass) katana + roll sunglasses, insta-kill weaponphobic brass knuckles, and the much-hyped dual-wield sub-machinegun person (note: you have 2x 64 bullets and they run out FAST).

These was a guy with a mask that basically gave you control over two guys: one shoots and one brings slaughter with a chainsaw. That was pretty fucking awesome. ...except they were hell to control. You'd mostly control the chainsaw dude, and the shooting dude would just follow you from a short distance. That short distance meant he would constantly get stuck, especially when you'd try going through a door. It's a shame because, if given decent controls, they would be a really cool pair to play as.


I enjoyed the game. You run around and shoot things. I purposely played using bad strategies because I thought they were fun to play. I rarely used target lock-on, and I could definitely have completed the game without using it at all. I don't think I'll really play it again, though.

Overall 8/10 Great game, would recommend unless easily frustrated.
Gameplay 9/10 Fast-paced and difficult; keep trying until you succeed.
Gwafficks 8/10 Well-done pixel art that stays loyal to its prequel. Also nice special effects.
Story 4/10 Hard to follow, but that doesn't really matter with a game like this, anyway.
Meta 6/10 Game window doesn't like losing focus. Hard/impossible to multitask.