I spent way too much time on installing Arch. I went to read the Beginners' Guide as if I was a newcomer. Things tend to change over time so maybe there were things I didn't know yet. Of course, the Beginners' Guide is on a wiki which meant it took at least an hour or two before I got to partitioning my disks due to branching off to all the other wiki pages.

So then I mostly followed the Beginners' Guide like you'd normally do. Here are most of the decisions I made during the installation process:

Time to reboot! This is where the fun starts. Set up my user, git clone my dotfiles, install X, bspwm, sxhkd and all the other dependencies, finally write a script that automates linking everything, install rxvt-unicode, chromium, steam, mumble, and this is about where I started doing at least 5 things at once. I'm back in the DE modding scene!

Immediately started making some minor modifications. Before reinstalling I'd downloaded a small-ish set of wallpapers which I'm going to rotate automatically on boot or something, copy those over from my backup and randomly set them (temporarily for now, using a feh one-liner). Increase window gap to 25 to make them a bit more visible. Also increate panel height to 5px for now because I felt like it. I'll write a new one, anyway. Disable transparency in urxvt because (most of) my backgrounds aren't dark anymore. Play around with it for a bit, figure out how to spawn a fully transparent terminal (easy; just bspc rule -a \* -o border=off; urxvt -tr). At this point my desktop looks like this:

It's the same except slightly different!

Most of it's still uncommitted, but I'm getting somewhere. In the following couple of days I'll likely be making a new panel, changing my Neovim config and terminal colors, maybe even setting up Mopidy already.

This is gonna be fun!